How to determine the asking price for your horse.

  • Tips to help when setting your asking price:

    • Do a search as a buyer and figure out what you would be willing to pay for a horse you don’t know with the abilities and training of the one you own
    • Is your horse in training and in top selling condition?
    • Has it competed successfully at the level it is being represented?
    • Do your pictures and videos you’ve produced show the horse at its best?
    • Look at your horse as a stranger would; try to see it for the first time and describe it objectively.
    • Be professional in your marketing. You don’t want to lose a buyer over in an inaccurate description, awful pictures, or poorly represented videos,  Get help if you need it.
    •  If your horse is correctly priced, it will sell; if it has “issues,” price accordingly.  There are buyers who like to purchase “do-it-yourself projects” if the math between the purchase price and the time investment works out.


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