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Willy 2003 1/2 Arabian Warmblood Dressage Horse for Sale


Are looking for a smaller dressage horse for sale who is SUPER EASY, very light  and forward thinking?

Name Winter Saga+
Gender Gelding

Birth Year


1/2 Arab Dressage  horse for sale Schooling 3rd level

Breed Half Arab - Oldenburg
Color Grey
Size 15.1
Sire Summer Saga
Schooling Third Level Dressage

Sold in <60days

Congratulations Carol!!!

Meet Willy!

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Willy  is 7 years old,has showing experience at the lower levels and is SOLIDLY schooling all the 3rd level movements with great lateral work and expression.


His flying changes are clean and his training is correct.

He is 15.1H and has the presence of a larger horse.

Willy a is sound, sane and a very FUN ride.

Willy is an Oldenburg/Arab  cross registered 1/2 Arab.

He could go far in the Arabian shows and more than hold his own in recognized dressage competitions where he is already a proven winner.

In 2008 Willy (Winter Saga +) was inducted into Half-Arabian Legion of Honor

He also earned a USDF performance certificate at Training Level in 2008.

Is Willy right for YOU?

His ideal match is an adult looking for an easier ride than a big warmblood who wants to get into the ring and have fun without working up a sweat in the process.

He is also well suited for a Jr. or someone who wants a very nice, nearly ready to go 3rd level dressage horse, yet doesn't have a large budget to work with.

Call us at 540-296-0836


Impulsion Unlimited Testimonials

I was lucky enough to be a part of Impulsion Unlimited as a working student for almost three years.  Working with Sue and Jeff was an amazing experience that has opened many doors for me as a rider as well as giving me great tools for building a successful business. Sue is a great training and instructor.  She stays positive when teaching and allows time for you to understand the concepts on your own.  I learned so much about training from un-started young horses through FEI.  She also always has great horses to ride!

Jeff has developed a wonderful approach to successful horse sales and is very open to sharing his system.  It was great to work with a business minded, honest professional in the horse industry.  Every customer receives open and honest information about each horse and it was rewarding being a part of some of the great matches that have been made.

The experience you can gain from working at Impulsion Unlimited is hard to rival.  Because it is a sales facility, there are always new horses coming in to be sold so you learn how to ride many types of horses in a short period of time.  You also learn how to train these horse so that anyone can ride them which makes them easy to sell!  It is very much a team atmosphere, everyone works hard everyday - I never felt like a slave and always had plenty of lessons and horses to ride.  

Impulsion Unlimited is great place for horses and riders to learn what is needed for the next stage of their careers!