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Dressage Horse Marketing Services

We have customers and one open stall as of May 11. If you seriously need to get your horse into a different situation CALL Jeff 540-309-6427 now or complete the form at the link below!

Dressage Horse and Pony Sales and Consignment Marketing Help

Selling a horse is an emotional time for you. If you have a quality horse or dressage pony and finding the right match is important to you, let us handle the hard part by preparing your horse, presenting your horse at it’s best, and matching your horse or pony with the perfect new owner.

4 Reasons to Sell your dressage horse through Impulsion Unlimited in Virginia


  • Impulsion Unlimited has over 45 years combined experience selling domestic and imported dressage horses.
  • We are well known by many of the top professionals in the United States and Canada.
  • When a professional has a client, they call us.
  • Sue has ridden & trained 100s of horses in the US, Canada and Europe.
  • She is a proven FEI dressage trainer who earned USDF Gold, Silver, and Bronze medals.


  • We rank at the top in all the search engines and our web presence brings thousands of visitors monthly. We have a large national client base of reference-able clients who refer to us.
  • We maintain one of the largest private databases of professionals and actively searching dressage horse buyers in the US.
  • We use Blogs, RSS feeds, social media like Facebook and Twitter to Expand our Reach

Higher Selling Prices - WHY? We reduce risk for the buyer.

  • Our Reputation is Honesty and Integrity
  • A trained up horse, fit and ready to go is worth more and rides better when shown by a FEI rider.
  • Professional Quality Dressage Videos and photos eliminate guesswork.
  • All weather riding facilities
  • Ability to show several prospective horses
  • Our professional approach and conduct in selling is a breath of fresh air.

Efficiency & Effectiveness = Lower Risk for you.

  • Lower overall marketing costs.
  • Our average conversion rate of customer test rides to a sale is 2.5 to 1.
  • You can expect to see your horse sold on average 50% faster using us than trying to sell on your own or using a trainer who has many irons in the fire.
  • Many trainers today simply do not have the bandwidth to effectively run their business and deal with extensive time commitment of buying and selling too.
  • Most trainers, when asked, will tell you they would rather not take on buying and selling.
  • We know HOW to properly represent and sell horses

Jeff's 20+ years of experience with horses and as a sales effectiveness consultant for America’s largest corporations led to a matching process that helps prospective clients first focus their needs, abilities and goals before ever discussing a horse.This approach to sales saves time, money and virtually ensures a perfect match.

Take the next step now and give us a call at 540-296-0836.


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FINE PRINT: We do not market problem horses.

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Impulsion Unlimited Testimonials

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Hi Sue and Jeff,


Thanks so much for your time yesterday. I watched the videos they are all really nice horses. Now I have to decide which direction to go.

I have to tell you it was rare to find that all 4 horses were  just as  responsive , in front of the aids and light in the hand as the next. We all had a great experience. Thank you again :)