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10 Questions to ANSWER BEFORE deciding to ask your trainer or hire another professional to sell your horse.

For many of us putting up  a dressage horse for sale out of a local facility or via consignment is an emotionally challenging and difficult financial decision. Assuming you have reached the point that a different situation is best for you and the horse, the first option that comes to mind is to use your trainer to market the horse or maybe even try to to do it yourself with their help.

It sounds simple enough. Right? Usually, high quality horses are in training; and the decision appears easy, use my trainer to sell the horse.

Why, this appears to be the best avenue you:

  1. You know the trainer and the trainer knows your horse
  2. You know the level of care your horse is receiving
  3. You can see your horse, meet potential owners or help the process along

Why many trainers will say yes:

  1. they like you and the horse
  2. opportunity for or retention of  training/board income
  3. opportunity to earn a commission on the sale

Reason's they may say no:


  1. They recognize that selling horses is not what they do best and their time is better spent, training, riding, showing, teaching or helping you locate your perfect match.
  2. They put your needs first and direct you to a specialist whose focus is matching quality horses like yours to a perfect new owner, quickly so you can move forward with your goals.

10 Questions to ANSWER BEFORE deciding to ask your  trainer or another to sell your horse.

  1. How many horses did this person sell to people outside this facility in the last 6 months? year?
  2. How long does it take to find new owners?
  3. How much time is expressly devoted to finding buyers through outbound marketing of sales horses per week?
  4. How is their website and social media presence? (prfoessional looking, current, high search engine rankings, recent sales photo's/videos of sales horses, and are there multiple horses a buyer can see?
  5. Responsiveness: Do they return phone calls and emails promptly or not? (This is the #1 buyer complaint today about sellers!)
  6. Does their schedule allow them to drop everything for a half day, a full day or longer to entertain clients and show your horse on short notice?
  7. Are they well organized with: contracts, bills of sale, liability releases, and follow-up strategies for leads?
  8. What is their ratio of asking price to accepted price?
  9. Do they truly enjoy the selling process and it's challenges including managing expectations during the vet check?
  10. If things don't go well, is risking your relationship with your trainer really worth it?

Taking the time to seek out, observe and discover answers to these questions before approaching your trainer or anyone about selling your horse can save you time, money and avoid risking a valued relationship.


How to video a young horse for sale

Hi - we met at the Pam Goodrich Clinic.

Your website is very informative - I will definitely recommend you folks to anyone looking to sell their horse.

Thanks for looking - would appreciate any comments, feedback, etc.
Thanks much.

Thanks for your email. Here are a ideas you might want to consider.

My first suggestion with him would be to get him going under saddle before trying to sell him. I think your investment of time or money to get him started under saddle would pay back very well.

It was difficult from your video to get a good feel for temperament, conformation and basic gaits which are the primary areas as a buyer I would be trying to evaluate.

With an unstarted youngster I would be looking for the following for evaluation:

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Dressage Horse and Pony Sales and Consignment Marketing Help

Selling a horse is an emotional time for you. If you have a quality horse or dressage pony and finding the right match is important to you, let us handle the hard part by preparing your horse, presenting your horse at it’s best, and matching your horse or pony with the perfect new owner.

4 Reasons to Sell your dressage horse through Impulsion Unlimited in Virginia


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Higher Selling Prices - WHY? We reduce risk for the buyer.

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  • Our professional approach and conduct in selling is a breath of fresh air.

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