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dressage working student assistant trainer and groom wanted

Dressage Trainer Apprentice Announcement

Immediate Opportunity to Join our TEAM!

Posted 3-24-17


An Incredible Dressage Training and Riding Opportunity!

This apprenticeship is for a committed rider or trainer who wants to grow professionally and benefit from the knowledge and experiences of 2 people who have invested 25+ years of hard work building their business  training, competing and selling quality dressage horses. Very few people survive this business.  We will teach you how, provided that you are serious, can learn, and able through your skills to add value to our team.

First, Are you made of the right stuff?

  • Do you love horses so much that no matter how tired you get you would never trade them for an easier way to make a living?

  • Do you accept that horses come first and are a 24x7 365 day per year way of life?

  • Do you take serious pride and ownership of what you do and your results?

  • Have you fallen flat on your face and dug yourself out without a bailout through ingenuity and hard work?

  • Are you following the sport, the riders, and know were Devon is?

If you just said to yourself. "yep... that's me....Click the read more link below, the email or Call to speak with Jeff or Sue.

We are looking for a  special individual. This is not a typical "working student" job. You need to be someone who is committed to making a living with horses and maybe failed a time or two and refuse to quit. You know the adversity as well as the joys from first hand experience of a life with horses or grew up on a farm working with animals. 

You have reached a point in life where you know that life smiles on those that make things happen rather than letting it happen to you and take full responsibility for your successes and failures. You are willing to do something about it. 

If you are selected, we are committed to providing an opportunity for you to acquire new skills by participating in a successful business we spent years building to the point where we can offer you this opportunity.

You must be able to be an asset to our business and it's growth and in return you will advance your riding, horsemanship and business skills at an accelerated rate. We want you to succeed!

We have 2 lifetimes of experience to share with you and if you choose, Jeff will teach you the art of consultative selling, and it's application to marketing horses and the "Business" side of the business.

Stall cleaning and other farm chores are part of our business and WE ALL pitch in. We/you ride 6 days a week.

Character Traits Required:

  • Maturity, Honesty, and Responsibility
  • An outgoing, fun, pleasant attitude, high energy, and a great sense of humor. (We like to have fun!)
  • A demonstrated ability to go above and beyond without being told (a self-starter)
  • Outstanding VERBAL communication skills.
  • Someone who pays attention to details, takes initiative, and will make decisions
  • Non-smoker
  • Ability to make a commitment to your development, ideally 6 months or more
  • Professional appearance and manner
  • Passion for Learning our Business and Personal Growth
  • We need to be able to trust you can be in charge for short periods of time and not worry!

Horsemanship skills:

  • Minimum, very solid dressage basics, ideally ridden 2nd level or above but other diciplines considered
  • Horse sense, horse care, basic medical skills
  • Experience starting and working with young horses and we will teach you the right way based on Sue's 20 plus years experience.
  • Experience with Stallions is a plus
  • You must have a Calm and Even Personality
  • Ability to take instruction, retain learning, and apply it when not supervised.
  • A  passion for learning something from every horse and every ride
  • Solid References are a must.
  • Basic Farm mantenance skills would be a plus 

Some of the other Benefits Included:

Possible board for one horse or the assignment of a horse as "your project"

Daily instruction on multiple horse

A weekly stipend

Apartment with utilities included

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Or, give us a call today! 540-296-0836 and talk with Jeff or Sue


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