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How to video a young horse for sale

Hi - we met at the Pam Goodrich Clinic.

Your website is very informative - I will definitely recommend you folks to anyone looking to sell their horse.

Thanks for looking - would appreciate any comments, feedback, etc.
Thanks much.

Thanks for your email. Here are a ideas you might want to consider.

My first suggestion with him would be to get him going under saddle before trying to sell him. I think your investment of time or money to get him started under saddle would pay back very well.

It was difficult from your video to get a good feel for temperament, conformation and basic gaits which are the primary areas as a buyer I would be trying to evaluate.

With an unstarted youngster I would be looking for the following for evaluation:



  • Catching/Leading
  • Grooming
  • Aisle Manners (cross ties etc.)
  • Picking Feet
  • Clippers
  • Walk and Trot straight away and to the camera on a lead line
  • Loading on and off a trailer (in standing wraps)

Total length of completed video section should be 3-5 minutes.


Still Photograpgy: all shot with a 50mm lens to minimize distortion
  • A nice head and neck shot (braids are recommended)
  • Front
  • Back
  • Side  showing all four legs (open pose) with neck out
  • Closeups of legs: Front, Back and Side
Still Shot of Trot - Usually I take these with the my Nikon but you can also get good shots out of the video editing software if shooting 29 Frames a Second (non-interlaced mode). Most video editing software lets you put still pictures in your video like a slide show (allow 3-5 seconds for each picture.



  • Walk and trot in a straight line away and back towards the camera.
  • A few minutes of Walk. Trot, Canter in and enclosed area at liberty in wraps.
  • As a 3 year old, I would want to see Walk, Trot and Cantor  both directions on a lunge line at a minimum.


Other information:

  • Introduction Titles

  • Pedigree if that is a selling point

  • Credits including how to reach you for more information

Final Thoughts:

Some people really like lot's of creative presentation in their videos "slow motion" and other "special effects". I feel that it is easy to over do it and creates a distraction to the subject matter so I would avoid extreme creativity.

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Impulsion Unlimited Testimonials

I was lucky enough to be a part of Impulsion Unlimited as a working student for almost three years.  Working with Sue and Jeff was an amazing experience that has opened many doors for me as a rider as well as giving me great tools for building a successful business. Sue is a great training and instructor.  She stays positive when teaching and allows time for you to understand the concepts on your own.  I learned so much about training from un-started young horses through FEI.  She also always has great horses to ride!

Jeff has developed a wonderful approach to successful horse sales and is very open to sharing his system.  It was great to work with a business minded, honest professional in the horse industry.  Every customer receives open and honest information about each horse and it was rewarding being a part of some of the great matches that have been made.

The experience you can gain from working at Impulsion Unlimited is hard to rival.  Because it is a sales facility, there are always new horses coming in to be sold so you learn how to ride many types of horses in a short period of time.  You also learn how to train these horse so that anyone can ride them which makes them easy to sell!  It is very much a team atmosphere, everyone works hard everyday - I never felt like a slave and always had plenty of lessons and horses to ride.  

Impulsion Unlimited is great place for horses and riders to learn what is needed for the next stage of their careers!