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21 Things your trainer/agent/consultant should be doing to EARN their commission.


To most horse purchasers, paying a 10 to 15% commission to their professional seems like a lot of money for buying a dressage horse!

If your professional isn't doing or doesn't know what they should be doing TO EARN that commission, you are 100% correct.

Today, the vast majority of the buyers contacting ImpulsionUnlimited about horses for sale, are doing almost all of the work for their professional. Chances are that if you are reading this, you are in the majority and have a right to question commissions or better yet use the "21 Things" to get your professional ACTIVELY ENGAGED in the process to ensure you get you the best possible horse for your needs.


We firmly believe that a true "professional," worthy of a commission, should be fully engaged throughout all four phases of the buying process to EARN IT.

The Four Phases of the Buying Process

  • Finding the Right Candidates

  • Evaluating Finalists

  • Resolving Concerns

  • Finalizing the Decision

Within the four phases, we have identified 21 distinct best practices, performed by a handful of professionals.  To avoid long, costly searches and major mistakes when buying a dressage horse, your professional should follow these practices.

Finding the right candidates

  1. Help you to define in detail your needs within the context of budget
  2. Locate candidates
  3. Request and review videos
  4. Talk to owners/agents to further qualify prospects against your needs

Evaluating Finalists

  1. Work with you and the seller to coordinate a time and location for viewing and test rides
  2. Assist with obtaining travel information (airports, hotel, rental car)

On site Evaluation

  1. Establish themselves and their role as your agent/consultant if it is not already clear to the seller.
  2. Get someone to video or be able to video as needed.
  3. Observe the seller riding the horse
  4. Test ride the horse.
  5. Evaluate you on the horse
  6. Determine if the fit is right or not

Resolving Concerns

  1. Discuss and agree to a negotiation range and negotiable items
  2. Present your offer and any conditions
  3. Negotiate the offer and conditions as required
  4. Review the seller’s contract and all paperwork to make sure it is in order provide a contract if the seller has none)
  5. Determine the scope of any pre-purchase exam
  6. Be present for the veterinary exam if performed and dictate the order of events to minimize cost if something major comes up.
  7. Help explain findings within the context of the job the horse will be asked to do (translate vet-speak)

Finalizing the Decision

  1. Counsel you on the final decision to BUY, PASS or RENEGOTIATE.

Post Acceptance

  1. Arrange shipping
    1. Assist with transfer of ownership (Breed registry, USDF, USEF etc.


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