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Impulsion Unlimited is proud to present Larke, a beautiful, super sweet jet black Oldenburg mare by the Stallion L'Andiamo who is SOLIDLY schooling fourth level dressage and working PSG!

 042716 5059

  • She recently earned bronze for a former rider and has a successful show record through 3rd level.
  • She is not spooky, safe around kids, dogs, cats, and neighbor's high powered rifles.
  • She is a petite, compact, 16.0 hands, light, forward, elegant, and super fun to ride.
  • 13 years old
  • Larke is lovely in the bridle with great willingly forward energy.
  • She is NEVER marish, and comes out every day ready and willing to work.
  • Horses like Larke, at this price point sell very quickly!
  • Don't mess around waiting and miss out.

Larke is a wonderfully suited horse for a junior rider or an adult amateur rider desiring to learn from a Correctly Trained Dressage Horse.

She is in full training and Located in Huddleston Virginia.

If you are tired of looking at over priced horses in Florida or disappointed with the quality of training of horses you tried and ready to meet your match call Impulsion Unlimited today.

540-296-0836 and ask for Jeff or Sue or click the email link below.

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Dressage Trainer Apprentice Announcement


An Incredible Dressage Training and Riding Opportunity!

This apprenticeship is only for a fully committed rider or trainer who wants to grow professionally by benefiting from the knowledge and experiences of 2 people who have invested 25+ years of hard work building their business by training, competing and selling quality dressage horses. Very few people survive this business and we are willing to teach you how, provided that you are serious, can learn, and able through yours skills to add value to our business in the process.

First, Are you made of the right stuff?

  • Do you love horses so much that no matter how tired you get you would never trade them for an easier way to make a living?

  • Do you accept that horses come first and are a 24x7 365 day per year way of life?

  • Are you a neat freak with the appearance of the horses, stalls and facility?

  • Do you take serious pride and ownership of what you do and your results?

  • Have you fallen flat on your face and dug yourself out without a bailout through ingenuity and hard work?

  • Are you following the sport, the riders, and know were Devon is?

If you just said to yourself. "yep... that's me....Click the read more link. If not, that's ok, check out the yard and groom weblink above.

Apprentice Dressage Trainer Apprentice Announcement

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Impulsion Unlimited Testimonials

Thanks again, I am glad it all worked out and thank you for working with me.

You guys are doing a great job , I can only imagine how hard it is to do what you are doing....